Wedding Planning: Hind Sight 20/20

I remember the feeling of realizing my absolute favorite person in the entire world was getting on one knee to ask me to be his wife. It was the most incredible and surreal feeling and besides my actual wedding day, the best day of my life.

Skip forward a few months and your mom buys you all the wedding magazines and you realize its time to start planning the wedding!  As the planning stages progress, the stress becomes more and more real. Not all the Pinterest boards in the world can prepare you for making all of the decisions that go into planning. Are these the actual colors that I want to use? Do we want a winter wedding? The questions and decisions are endless. We compiled a list of a few things we wish we would have known/done during the planning process.

Something Will go Wrong. Don't Sweat It.

No matter how much planning you do, something will inevitably go wrong. Leave the wedding day to your wedding coordinator (if you have one) or a designated family member. This way even if something goes wrong you won't have to worry about it.

You and Your Fiancé's Opinion is the Most Important.

Everyone is going to have an opinion on wedding planning. I swear as soon as Rob put the ring on my finger the advice just kept coming even if it wasn't seeked. It made me question every decision we made for the wedding. I appreciated the advice and we definitely considered all the options but it was important Rob and I didn't sway from the event we envisioned. I appreciated all the support but trust your instincts when it comes to planning. If you want it then go for it. It's your wedding.

Take the Week of your Wedding Off.

If your PTO or job allows it, then we suggest taking the week of your wedding off. Rob and I only took the day before the wedding off. Not only was I trying to focus on getting all my work done but I also had vendors, family, and friends emailing and calling me for last minute preparations. Thank goodness for my mom and her friend for swooping in and saving me that week. They basically did everything when it came to the last minute little things we may have not remembered.

Plan out a Few Shots You Want Taken for Your Photographer.

We gave the photographer carte blanche when it came to what shots she thought would be best taken. She did an amazing job capturing our day but we wish we would have given her a few shots that we may have wanted. It wasn't until after the wedding that I saw a few photos from other brides that I thought were shot beautifully. Rob and I both said we should have done some inspirational research on a few portraits we may have wanted specifically.

Don't skip out on the videographer

When we were planning the wedding we chose to only hire a photographer and pass on a videographer. I mean really how many times would we actually watch the video?! If you are thinking about passing on the videographer, we say think again. We wish we would have had a video to capture the entire day. Our photographer did amazing on our photos but live footage would have been nice to have on hand.

Tent Wedding? Add Flooring.

This is specific to anyone having a tent wedding. Our wedding was an outdoor tent wedding. We also had the luxury of having our wedding day forecast with 90% rain chance, and it should have said 100% because during our reception it poured! If you are planning on having a tent wedding and there is rain in your forecast we suggest some flooring for the tent. We had the tent put up the night before with side walls but the ground was still a bit saturated. Don't get me wrong, we had an amazing wedding night but there was a little bit of mud and that was not so much fun.


After all the planning, and the wedding day passes, there are still going to be things you wish you would have done and that's alright! It is still going to be the best day of your life!

- Jenna