The Hunt For The Dress!

No, this is not the dress I am wearing on our big day but it is beautiful right?! This past weekend myself and a few of my loved ones went in search for the perfect wedding dress! I did plenty of online research and decided on  a few bridal boutiques that previous brides had been raving about.

Our first stop was Calvet Couture. The moment I walked into their bridal shop I was welcomed by the sweetest team to help me shop for a dress. As they helped me into my first dress and I looked into the mirror it hit me, I am getting married!  It is one of those moments that you day dream about and the realization I had was  that these moments are so much better than any day dream!

Ladies and Gentlemen, after a long day of bridal boutiques and dress change after dress change I finally said "Yes, to the dress."

I listed a few tips to share on shopping for the dress!

1. Do some research on the internet of bridal boutique in your area and see what other brides have to say about them.

2.  Bring a few people who are going to be brutally honest. However, do not forget it is your wedding day so if you love something follow your heart!

3. Go to more than 1 location to look for dresses and try on multiple styles. Sometimes what you think you don't want is exactly what you end up falling in love with.

4. Enjoy every single moment of it. It goes by quick!

xoxo- Jenna