Cheers to 2019!

Hello 2019! I spent ringing in the  new year at my parent’s house surrounded by my husband, and family. Jeana and I ran around my parent’s with old dusty sparklers from my wedding three years ago, watching Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve on the television, while my niece and our husband’s struggled to stay awake to watch the ball drop. It was honestly so rad.

Soooo… I have been on a major hiatus from posting any new blog content. Life simply flew by, and I could not keep up. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out where 2018 went. This past year was a year of travel. We traveled to celebrate friends get married, to celebrate new babies be born, and to just celebrate life with my husband. We traveled to Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Atlanta, Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles, St. Augustine, Augusta, and more. I am so incredibly thankful for all the memories made with the people I love, and could not feel more blessed starting 2019. I was actually looking at pictures we took throughout the year and my heart was bursting because we saw so many friends and family. It may not have been perfect but our blessings outweighed our struggles.

I’m not one for making resolutions that I will probably fail come February 1st, so I decided to list a few hopes I have going into 2019. My hope is that this year will be a continuation of all the love, laughter, travels, and memories that we made this year. That the relationships we built and continue to work on will blossom and we will not stop celebrating this incredible, crazy busy life we lead. So cheers to the new year and go out and ROCK IT!

Here are a few of my favorite moments of this past year.

  1. Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa

    This was so special in 2018 because it was the first family vacation my parents, sisters, and our significant others have taken all together! This cute little resort was perfect for a quiet relaxing time to decompress and enjoy a few days together by the ocean.

2. Our many trips out to California to visit Jeana. There are plenty of cons to your sister living across the country from you but the one pro is having an excuse to travel to see them. Our whole family has taken our fair share of flights out to California, and each time we try and explore a new place. California has become somewhat like a second home and we have loved to spend our time there!

3. Traveling to see so many of our friends get married and visit new cities. We traveled from Augusta —> Austin —> Philly —> Puerto Rico. It was amazing to see all our friends and celebrate all of their new life chapters. We are incredibly grateful!

There are so many more places and people we spent our 2018 with that made it one of the best yet! We cannot wait to see what 2019 holds but we are starting it our with full hearts.

Love, Jenna