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Lettuce Turnip The Beet at the Farmer's Market

If you are looking for me, you will probably find me in the middle of the Farmer’s market perusing the freshly baked bread or grabbing all the yummy, locally-grown fruits and veggies. In the past few years, I have really found myself falling in love with the atmosphere of markets. It’s become a weekend tradition of bringing the family (and our sweet Golden) to the markets and sipping on some fresh juice or specially made coffee, stocking up the fridge, and finding all the local artisan goods that vendors are selling. My favorite part is talking with the vendors and hearing their stories. It is so beautiful to hear about their passion behind their goods and their reasons for being there. Some come to share their talents and artistic abilities, while others are there as their weekly income to provide for their families. Each booth has its own story, but together it makes up a community of local small shops.

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I'm so sleep, I need tired.

I used to set an alarm on my phone to get up in the morning. Now, my alarm clock is the sweetest little girl and “Oh mama” does that little girl keep me up. There is that age old saying that every expectant mother hears while pregnant: ‘Enjoy your sleep now because once the baby comes you will not get any.’ I am here to tell you – THEY ARE NOT LYING! Go to sleep while you can because when the little one comes, goodbye sleep- hello exhaustion. I know a few mama’s that have been blessed with great sleeping babies, and man do I envy them!  For me on the other hand, sleep is a thing of the past. I am now the mom that is so tired she puts her shirt on backwards and needs her morning coffee to feel she can tackle the day.

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