The Story of Us

Lately, I have been reminded of how grateful I am to have such a loving, devoted, and hardworking husband. I swear, he has taken on so much in the last few months and is enduring such a tough job to provide for Marleigh and I. Sometimes I take for granted his work ethic, but without him I would not be able to spend my days with Marleigh, go on adventures, or live the life I am living today.

A lot of you are always curious about the man behind the camera so I thought today would be a good day to share my story and a little about him. The man who has given me the world and has provided for me without hesitation.

Glen and I - Our Story

High School Sweethearts

We met in High School, our sophomore year. We had the same friends and ran in the same circles but we had never met. It’s funny because when we started finally hanging out, we realized we had all the same friends.

I was a cheerleader who was extremely focused in school. He played on the football team and slept in the back of the classroom. Typical story, right? My sophomore year I took Drivers Ed and since it was only for a month, the rest of the school year, I was a Teacher’s Assistant. I happened to be a TA for his Math Class. There was another TA in the class during the same time as me and she always talked about this kid, Glen. I really didn’t even think anything of it, other than that girl thought he was super cute.

Then I met the Glen kid. I definitely was intrigued by this person… whoops. I know that might make me a mean friend, but I guess now I can say it all happened for a reason. I was so shy around him (which BTW I am the farthest from shy) and he made me nervous. He wasn’t doing well in class so the teacher made me help him out. He sat at the TA table with me and for some reason ended up sitting there the rest of the year. The teacher I helped out kind of figured out I liked him as things progressed and she never made him move. I guess I really have her to thank.

Day after day, he would sit there and I would help him with his work. He would talk to me and for some reason would always comment on me blushing. Are you swooning yet? You might think it was cute but I was so embarrassed that I could not hide my emotions. Helping him in class turned into walks in between periods and lunches together. One weekend at a bonfire, Glen was there too. He put his arm around me and I had no clue what to do. I just sat there awkwardly and enjoyed the moment and tried to act like it was nothing but on the inside I was analyzing every move. I was not ready for the night be over but when it was time to go, I gave him a hug and left.

After Christmas break, I was super sick for an entire week! I was so unsure if this kid liked me even though we talked all the time, but I missed him. Then he messaged me and asked “Where I had been”? That question gave me have all the butterflies and I was determined to get back to school. When I was back, we definitely started talking a lot more. It was apparent to a lot of people that we liked each other. On Valentines Day, he snuck into my locker and gave me a brown lunch bag with Hersheys chocolate and an elephant (two things I loved). I don’t know to this day how he got in my locker, but I am not complaining.

First Vacation Together with my family in Anna Maria Island

First Vacation Together with my family in Anna Maria Island

Then in March, we had another bonfire to kick off Spring Break. I was leaving for a cruise the next morning so I wanted to spend time with him that night. I guess bonfires were our thing because he walked me down the path to my mom’s car where she was picking me up and he kissed me under the moonlight. I was literally on a cloud and I’m sure he thought he had the moves. He walked me to the car and asked me if he could kiss me one more time goodbye even though my mom was there and I remember saying “Who cares” and kissed him. I was smitten. He swears I asked him while we were walking “Are you going to kiss me” but that never happened. If you hear his story though he will say that.

I left for my cruise and when I returned, I saw him at school. It was kind of awkward at first, but then he kissed me on my way to my car and after that it turned into a relationship.

Graduating Florida State University - 2017

A year went by and in the same parking lot, I was heading home and Glen was going to football. He was standing by my car to kiss me goodbye and he was picking on me. I told him to stop and he responded “You know I love you”. His eyes got so big when he said it and he walked away. I was sitting in my car in shock….

Long Distance Commitment

Since then, it has been the two of us. Once we graduated high school, I went to college and he joined the military. We made the decision to stay together and try long distance. Anytime I would have a break, I would go visit him and vice versa. He would even take the bus up to my school and come visit me. Luckily, my sister lived nearby so we could stay at her place rather than in my little dorm. We would call almost every night, send each other letters, share our days with each other, and just try to be open as much as possible with each other. It was hard because sometimes we had our own lives since we were apart but we learned to make it work together. My sophomore year of college (weird, I just realized everything happened when I was a sophomore), I visited him for a military ball in November. We were walking along the beach and I swear I thought Glen was going to break up with me. He was asking me all sorts of questions like “Can you handle the military life” or “Are you sure you can promise that you won’t resent the choices you made because the military is demanding” or “Do you truly love me”? I was a mess. Like I swear I thought in two seconds, I was on a one way flight home single. That was not the case, he had he asked me to be his wife.

We planned on a long engagement, but somehow by March we were married. I continued to finish school and majored in Elementary Education and he was stationed in California working with AAV’s. We spent the first two years of our marriage apart but we grew so much as a couple.


The reality is that even though this is our story, our relationship is so much more than just good times and happy moments. We are like every couple. We argue and disagree and bickering is sometimes how we communicate. We would fight the day before we were leaving because it was our way to cope with the idea that we were going separate ways again. We struggle at times and we have had our fair share of moments that have tested our relationship. This isn’t a blog post to share how perfect and fairytale our relationship is. This post is to highlight the moments that made me fall in love with him and led us to where we are today. I am so thankful for the roadblocks we have faced together because it has brought us closer and made our relationship change and mature. The good times far outweigh the bad times and I am so grateful for him. We have grown so much together over the past 9 years! Our marriage is built on faith, hard work, love, honesty (both good and bad), and commitment. I could not ask for someone else to share my life with and to live alongside to grow a family and build a home. This is the relationship I am most thankful for. The good, the bad, the ugly, the wonderful - I am all in.

Fun Facts about Glen

  1. He lost part of his pinky while at work. So if you ever see him, don’t be surprised with his 9 3/4 fingers. I call him Hogwart Hands.

  2. He is part Filipino from his mother’s side. Many often mistake him for either Mexican or Polynesian but he is half Filipino.

  3. He hates sweets in his main dish food. Pineapple on pizza is a no go, mango sauces on tacos is not happening, and he even eats sweet potatoes last if I make them on the side because he says they are a dessert.

  4. He currently is in the United States Marine Corps working as a Drill Instructor (hence how we are a military family.) I will definitely discuss more on this life style soon for you all.

  5. He didn’t get his license or his first phone until he was 18 years old. The beginning of our relationship was all about communication through letters, home phone calls, and Facebook messenger.

During our move to California three days after I graduated college.

During our move to California three days after I graduated college.


If I can share any advice for long distance relationships, I think I would say -Enjoy every moment together. Share all the information of your day - what you did, your thoughts, your feelings. That way when you see them, you have grown together even if it is on the phone. Be open and communicative, express yourself, and love with all you have. It is hard but man is it worth it.