A Place for Independent Play

This post is sponsored by North States.

As a stay at home mom, I swear I have a thousands things to do but my most important job is keeping Marleigh safe and happy.

Marleigh is growing up, WAY TO FAST. It feels like yesterday she was laying on the ground unable to move, staring up at the ceilings, and making feeble attempts to master tummy time. You know the saying ”Whoever said the newborn stage is the hardest obviously hasn’t had a toddler yet” has some MAJOR truth to it. Marleigh mastered crawling and is SO close to walking and our lives have been forever changed.

I can’t take my eyes of her or else she is splashing in the doggy bowl or opening up the cabinets and taking a peek inside. She has me on my feet, running around the house constantly. Before you know it, I am building a barricade with pillows and chairs just to keep her confined from roaming the house so I can get a few things done.

This was how Glen tried to solve the problem. Thank goodness we found North States to find a much better solution!

This was how Glen tried to solve the problem. Thank goodness we found North States to find a much better solution!

Thankfully, the stress of building a barricade is gone. I am now easily able to create a safe, confined, and functional space for Marleigh' to independent play while I work on my other chores around the house. I am a big advocate of independent play, so creating this space was so important to me. I ended up going with the North States Super Yard 3-in-1 Arched Decor Metal Superyard with a two panel extension to make it extra roomy for Marleigh as she grows. In total, I have about 19 square feet of space for Marleigh to play (perfect size for my living room!)


Why choose North State Baby Play yards?


We can bring this to my parent’s house, in hotels, or in and out of the closet for when people come and go - do you get what I am saying. It is so easy to build and break down so that we can bring it anywhere we need it.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Okay let’s be real. All of us mamas want everything to look good and match nowadays. I mean I am all about colors, but I like things to match and not stand out. My home is BoHo Farmhouse with the black and white, so when I saw this option, I immediately got excited! I knew this was the one! This really matched the vibe in my home. The dark metal added a presence in the house that didn’t distract for guests when they come or for my eyes. Also, when we aren’t using it, it becomes a great barrier to put around the fireplace so that Marleigh can’t try to get in when we light a fire on a chilly evening. We can leave it up and it won’t be a distraction. Also that’s a win for having multiple purposes: Two for 1 - keep Marleigh in to play and keep her out of the fire.

Independent Play Area

The most important thing was to keep Marleigh safe in a nice space that she can have independent play while I clean. When I am constantly running around the house to different rooms to get everything picked up or laundry sorts, I know that she is content in her space playing with her toys. I don’t have to worry about her getting into cabinets, finding herself in the dog bowl for the 50th time that day, or running into the bathroom and destroying the toilet paper. She is curious and this keeps her confined but it doesn’t make her feel like she is in a cage. Although my husband likes to joke that it is her zoo exhibit because she can be REAL WILD.

We are so happy with our play yard from North States. We love that this space is just for Marleigh to grow and play (and occasionally for Chief too when he sneaks in!)


Jeana Hughes