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It is no secret that when you become a mama your focus shifts and your priorities change. The things I used to focus on took a backseat as I cared for my little one. It was honestly a good day if I got to shower longer than five minutes, and if I shaved my legs, well that was a miracle. For the longest time, I forgot what relaxing was like. I just assumed it was the little moments of sleep I had or the two seconds of quiet in the chaos. Moral of the story: my self care was at the bottom of the totem pole of priorities.

I realized in order for me to be the best mom I could be I had to take care of myself. I stopped seeing self-care as a selfish act and more as a way to benefit my child. Whether it was eating healthy, waking up early to have a few minutes of self-reflection and quiet time, or getting ready and having a night out with the girls, I was making it a priority to focus on me. How we choose to focus on self-care will be different for each of us, but most importantly we need to take a few minutes or a few hours or a few days to get away and focus on ourselves. It doesn’t make us bad moms because we need to get away, it allows us to refresh and become better moms. I have realized with each step of our kids lives our idea of self-care changes too. In the beginning, I would have my husband watch her for 30 minutes and I would jog or walk around the neighborhood to clear my head. I would feed her and I knew I had at least two hours to be away. Now, as she gets older and she is becoming less dependent on me for food and such, the time I can be apart from her is growing. The ways I focus on self-care are adjusting to these changes. Also, I am feeling a little more relaxed being away from her too (that was also a difficulty to overcome).

One simple way I know I can focus on my self-care is just jumping in a bubble bath and having a spa night. I love being able to lay in the warm water, close my eyes and not have to worry about little fingers splashing the water in my face. When I have spa night, I love to include my Mountainier Bath and Soap Company products. This company was built by a mother who knew the importance of finding solitude without ever having to leave the house. These eco friendly products are designed to help you relax, repair, and rejuvenate both mind and body. These are a few of the products from their line that I like to incorporate into my spa night routine.

Mountainier Bath and Soap Co. Products

Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

These bath bombs smell HEAVENLY, and they add the perfect aroma to my bathroom for spa night. It is also fun to watch them fizzle in the water. The moment you drop these bombs into the bath, the scent quickly fills up the room and I just let them work their magic. Also, just laying in the water with both of these products makes you skin not only smell good, but feel good. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized from the shea butter and coconut oil, and is the perfect touch to my at home spa night.


Mountainier Bath provides soaps geared towards both adults and kids. Each soap is made with all natural products and no harsh chemicals. I’ve read up on ditching and switching to safer, clean, non-toxic products for my house. It has become very important to me to start living a toxic free life, and this is one way to rid toxins in your household. The children soap is so cute because it comes in shapes of animals, like a frog. My daughter loves playing with her soap bar and thinks it is her toy all while getting cleaned for bed.

Speciality Products

They also sell a great variety of products to use with their bath essentials, such as towels, make up removing pads, soap plates, and bags for your products. The makeup remover cloth pads are literally so soft! I love using them before bed to wipe my make up off after a long day. You can check them out here!

Men’s Products

For my men, there are products also just for you! They have a razor kit and beard balm that is made from all natural ingredients! These are perfect gifts for the men in our lives to have their own time for self-care! Daddy’s deserve it too!

Seasonal Products

So, if you are anything like me then you love Fall. Honestly I am counting down the next few weeks until it is officially my favorite season even though I already have my fall candle from Mountainier lit. Their Apple Harvest candle is actually perfect. Especially lighting it after a wonderful bath with their fall soap scents like Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Vanilla. It’s like a warm hug at the end of the night. The scents immediately put me at ease.



If you want to never have to worry about going to the store to prepare for spa night but want to have those nights to focus on your self-care, you can purchase a subscription box. There are two options for the subscription: a 12-month subscription or a 6 month subscription box.

What’s inside the subscription box?

You are getting $30.00 worth of product (FULL SIZE PRODUCTS!) in your subscription with free shipping. This includes bath salts, soaps, towel cloths, bath bombs, and more. Also, there are fun seasonal products that might make a surprise in your box.


Mountainier Bath and Soap Company hands down is one of my favorite soaps to have in stock in our home. The customer service is also impeccable. They truly take pride in their products and want the best for their customers. They are incredible small shop that I love to support. Shop small, shop with love.


Jeana Hughes

This post is sponsored by Mountainier Bath and Soap Co.

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