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Remember when date nights consisted of dressing up, going to a nice quiet restaurant, gazing into each others eyes, eating a gourmet meal, taking a romantic stroll on the beach, and finishing it with ice cream and a romantic kiss? Wait, does this only happen in the movies? No, but seriously, it used to be so easy to go on dates. Now, with a five month old and exhaustion after a long day parenting, date nights don’t seem to happen all that often.

I honestly thought date nights were a thing of the past. Luckily, there is Date Night In Box that can make it happen, realistically. Date Night In is a creative customized box that includes a fun experience for you and your loved one to take part in at home. Each Date Night In box includes memorable activities that are interactive and meaningful, yummy treats, and special surprises to set the mood for you and your loved one to grow together and create lasting memories.


So with that, Glen and I put on our PJs and enjoyed an evening with just the two of us! Don’t worry, Marleigh was upstairs sleeping! We had the monitor next to us the whole time.

Take A Peek Inside

I was so excited when our first Date Night In Box came to my doorstep. The theme for our first box was Key to my Heart. For each box, it includes an itinerary to help guide you through your date. It also includes a fun playlist for you to have as background music to set the mood and a recipe that is optional for you to make for dinner and dessert. Last but not least, it has all the items that will be necessary to complete your date and the activities for the night.


First off, Glen and I took some time completing the Five Love Language Quiz on our own.


The results didn’t really come as a shock for us! Being married for almost four years, Glen and I both know I am all for words of affirmation and quality time and he is all for physical touch and acts of service. After we took the questionnaire, we then wrote each other a love note! It was sweet to see Glen work so hard on his letter to me. (Spoiler alert: Later that evening, I cried as a I read it!)


For the main portion of our date, we had an in-home escape room. Our dining room transformed into 1900s Paris and we were on a mission to find our long lost love. We had to crack the codes and solve the mystery to find where in the world and at what time we would meet up. Glen was pretty smart during the escape room and definitely helped solve the clues the fastest! It was fun to think a little and bounce ideas off of each other. I kept us organized and Glen solved the clues.


We then found our true love and moved onto the next activity- the password game. Let’s just say Glen had some trouble with the French words so this game did not end up so well. However, we laughed the whole time and I couldn’t help but love him even more. I’m just saying, Glen might not want to visit France until he works on his French knowledge!

Can you pronounce French words?

Can you pronounce French words?

We finished the night with a movie! No French kissing - Glen was way to invested in Les Miserables for that and I passed out on the couch five minutes in. We love Date Night In and the ability to grow our love and challenge it without leaving the house!


Jeana Hughes

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