The Minimalist Hospital Bag


I am pretty sure when the third trimester hit, I started to panic. It wasn’t that I was nervous for the baby to come, but I was scared that I was not prepared. I wanted everything to be ready for her arrival. The nursery was done, the new clothes were clean, the diapers and wipes were stocked, now it was time to pack my hospital bag.

Luckily for me, I lived a short (not even) mile from the hospital. Seriously - I can walk to the hospital in about 10 minutes (max). My husband and I used to joke that when I began my the labor process, I would spend time walking to the hospital waiting for the contractions to be three minutes apart. Anywho, I really was focused on making sure I was fully packed for the hospital. I wanted to make sure I had everything but I did not want to overpack. You know? Nobody wants to carry five suitcases and three duffle bags when they are going into labor. That may be extreme but you get my point. I wanted just what I would need and nothing more. I will say that even my minimalist bag was still overpacked, but I am glad that I brought what I did. I had done SO MUCH research prior to creating my list and packing. I sat on Pinterest and ready nearly every hospital bag I could and asked all my friends who had recently given birth what they found most helpful. I was going to make sure that I had the sufficient hospital bag for my weekend stay.

Ok - so what did I pack? Lets take a look inside my hospital bag.

Go check out Lauren Mcbride Blog - This is the blog I used a lot while packing!

I used the checklist above from a wonderful blogger. This was the one that caught my eye as I did research! It was not too long where it was overwhelming and it covered the basics.

  1. Comfy PJs- I went to Target and bought the Women's Beautifully Soft Notch Collar Pajama Set - Stars Above in black. I had read on many blogs that a darker color is best in case you have an extra bleeding or issues. So, I bought the darkest color. Nothing beats black, am I right? I also had many compliments when I wore them in the hospital. The nurses all asked about them because they wanted a pair for themselves. They are so soft and if you plan to breastfeed they are perfect because they button up and have easy access. I also liked that I bought the shorts style because I felt secure down there when I would walk around with the pad and mesh undies. They also weren't tight at all so I didn’t feel constricted. Click here for the link to my fave pajamas!

  2. Slippers/Slide On Sandals- I just used my regular pair of Old Navy Sandals that I bought on dollar day. They were easy to slip on to walk around the room and I could also use them in the shower. I didn’t have to worry about finding shower shoes and slip on while I was there. If you want you can pack a pair of shower shoes and slippers separately. I just threw away my sandals when I left! I didn’t really want them after that weekend at the hospital.

  3. Hair Ties- My hair was up the whole time in a braid. After I showered the first time (So heavenly!), I just threw my hair in a braid. Unless you are planning to take epic family photos in the first 48 hours, I would leave your hair straightener and blow drier at home. I would also bring a brush too!

  4. Shower Necessities- I bought a travel tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I had them already in my bag and ready to go, that way I wasn’t grabbing my daily ones in a rush. They were the perfect size to be used for the weekend. I also bought a cheap towel and then just threw it away after my shower at the hospital. It was better quality than the hospital towels, but not enough for me to feel the need to keep it.

  5. Lady Goods Healing Supplies- So the hospital provides the majority of stuff for the healing. I did however pack my Frida Peri bottle, Dermoplast, and Earth Mama Perineal Spray in the beginning. I wasn’t given those things from the doctor until I was discharged so it was nice to have in the beginning.

  6. Lotion/Creams: I packed my favorite pumpkin scent lotion to make me cozy in the hospital. I had Marleigh the night before the first day of Fall favorite season- so all the fall scents were out. I also packed nipple cream in case I needed it for feeding.

  7. Going home outfit: For baby and me. I packed two newborn outfits (in case for sizing) and then one outfit for me. I packed a t-shirt dress because it was comfy. Plan on something loose and comfy for your exit! You will also still be about the size you were when you were six months pregnant, so think about that size. Be loose and comfy! I also threw in an outfit, some pj’s, and undies for my husband. He ran home most days though to let our dog out and would get changed quickly there before he headed pack.

  8. Breastfeeding Tools- Nursing pads and nursing bras!

  9. Phone Charger- I had an extra and just packed that. If you have a longer cord that is nice but not a necessity.


  • Some people pack snacks and books to take up time while they are waiting. I didn’t and I was fine. While I had the epidural and was waiting, I napped and watched tv in the room. I also spent the last few hours with my husband just enjoying our last few moments with just us two.

  • Pump- Some people bring those for questions. I didn’t bring mine - I just asked questions with my LC at a later date.

  • Money for any little things you might want to buy while you are away (or in our case- my husband made a bet on how much our little one weighed!)

  • Also - have the carseat ready in the car!!!

I packed very little! I wanted a small bag and just the right amount of stuff to not overwhelm myself or make a mess in our little hospital room. If you live farther or prefer to have more and be over prepared that works too! Another tip is to use a small roller bag versus a duffle bag - easier to open and get into. It is also easier to keep tidy in your room and close up and store in the corner.

If you have any questions- never hesitate to reach out!