Preparing your registry

One of the hardest things to do while you are pregnant is creating your baby registry. I swear, we spend so many hours researching, finding items we think we might need and it can be pretty overwhelming. I remember walking the aisles of Buy Buy Baby and thinking “OH MY GOODNESS- Do I need all of this?”. There is so many things out there nowadays that help with raising a child, but do we need it? Many of you asked about what I think is important to have on your registry. Well before I break down the items that have been helpful for me, I want to share with you something that my grandmother told me and it resonated in my mind since then.

She said “All your baby will need is a source of food, diapers and wipes, a roof over their heard, a onesie or two, but mostly someone to love them day in and day out.”

This was very important to me because really a registry is just STUFF. It is stuff that makes your life easier, but it’s not always stuff you will need for the baby to survive. Depending on your budget and priorities, everyone’s registry is going to be different. You do not always need the top of the line items because your little one will not know the difference. There are many items I did not receive and I purchased secondhand for very, very cheap. I do agree there are certain products though that you might want to spend a few extra dollars on for safety or cleanliness. Do not overwhelm yourself with stuff – focus on the basics. However, your registry is like a wish list. Put things on there you think might be helpful or that you may want. It does not hurt for you to add something in case someone might want to get it for you!

I also like to add that gift cards are amazing things to include on your registry for stores you shop at. I bought some things beforehand and was gifted many items, but there were some things I waited to buy until she was born. When we came home with Marleigh, I had very few things! We bought some useful items that first week and saved the other gift cards for when she is older.

My Top Ten Registry Needs

  1. Car Seat and Stroller – This is a major item to buy new for safety reasons. There are so many brands out there so I recommend going to the store and looking at them. I did a lot of research and found the Chicco to be the best for my money. I have friends that have spent more on their sets and they are very nice! I would be all for them but I was on a budget and I found the Chicco to be affordable and safe. The one I thought was best was for both newborn and toddler, so I can use it for a little bit longer than just the newborn stage. Many car seats are just for newborn and you will quickly have to buy a new one after that. Make sure you do the research on how big the baby can grow in it so you don’t have to turn around and purchase a new set.

  2. Diapers/Wipes- You can never have enough diapers! Keep them in the boxes and if you don’t open it before they grow of the size, you can return them and get the correct size for your baby. There are also many different services that give diaper and wipe subscriptions and you just order as you go! This gift was so convenient because I could quickly order a new pack and have it sent to my house! Diapers add up when they go through 6-10 a day!

  3. Diaper Bag- I wholeheartedly believe in spending a little extra to get a nice quality diaper bag that will last. I also think that backpacks are the best option because it allows you to keep your hands free when handling the stroller, the baby, and everything else as a mom. There are quite a few options out there, so again do you research and find what best suits you. I was gifted the Ryla bag and I love it so much! It is easy to keep organized and they have lots of places to put necessities. The leather is also very nice and goes with many outfits. They also give you a diaper changing station mat for when you are in public places! I was also gifted a Petunia Pickle bottom bag and I love that for when going to the beach or to the park!  

  4. Pacifiers/Pacifier Clips- I swear we go through so many of these darn things! We are constantly leaving them around or losing them! It is nice to have extras if you plan on using this with your baby.

  5. Baby Swing- This came in handy when she was napping and I needed to get things done. I still sometimes lay her down when I am cleaning or cooking! I got a reasonably priced one through Target and love it! If your baby has reflux, many have recommend using a Rock n’ Play or a Mamaroo. Again, you won’t know if your baby has reflux until they come so this is one of those things you can put on the registry and just see how it goes.


6. Health Kit- Someone gave me a health kit and I honestly love it! Luckily, Marleigh has not gotten too sick besides the sniffles but this kit is very calming to know I have. It came with a thermometer, a pacifier you put medicine into, boogie wipes, nail clippers, Destin, Baby Tylenol, and other small health related items. I think a thermometer and baby Tylenol are great to have on hands if you choose to vaccinate your child. Sometimes they can run a small fever after the shots, so it is just nice to have those on hand. It is also important to monitor your baby’s temperature when they are so young. I recommend the thermometer that rolls over their head and a regular one. You can also include gripe water and other things in case your baby may be colicky. If you want to over prepare, there is nothing wrong with that.

7. Baby Carrier/Wrap- This is the best for getting things done and they don’t want to be put down. I would wrap Marleigh until she was big enough to go into her carrier. I use this when we go to the park with Chief, when I clean my house, or anywhere when I am walking and a stroller is inconvenient. I personally loved the wrap up until recently as she has gotten bigger. Now I love the carrier just because I only have to snap a few clips and we are good to go! However, both are amazing to add onto your list. These are one of the items that you do not need but it is very, very convenient. You do not have to go with the brand names, Amazon and other baby stores have very nice ones for cheaper. Also – SECONDHAND. Wraps can be easily thrown into the laundry, so consider that if you are not gifted one.

8. Pack and Play/ DockAtot- Adding this to your list will be really up to your discretion. Glen and I had Marleigh immediately in her room after coming home from the hospital. However, I know most people keep them in their room until they are 6 months, if not older. This is a preference thing for you! If you just want them in your room, then I suggest getting a bassinet or a pack and play. I would recommend the pack and play because you can then use it when they become a toddler for nap time or to put them in with toys while you clean the house. If you want to co-sleep, I recommend a DockAtot or something similar (there are many cheaper brands online) that will make you feel more comfortable sleeping with them and put a barrier between you and baby.

9. Video Monitor:  I highly recommend a monitor that has video and sound!!! We put Marleigh directly in her crib and I was glued to my monitor! I got the Infant Optics Video Monitor DXR 8 from Target as a gift and I love it! We have it on the wall over her crib! I can control it and move it around and see the whole room. You can even talk into it for the baby to hear you. I would be lying if I said I haven’t spied on my husband while he is in the room reading to Marleigh or putting her to sleep. Even if you don’t plan on putting them in their room right away, they may take naps or go in there when they are older. This is a great item to put on and get gifted to you to save money!

10. Muslin Blankets/Swaddles: I use my muslin swaddles for everything. I use them as blankets, wipes, swaddles, etc. There are so many uses for them and they are easy to wash! Marleigh did not like to be swaddled while sleeping, so Halo Swaddles and such were not necessary for me! Many people do use them! They also use nested bean swaddles and Dreamtobe swaddles! I personally love the nested bean (a little pricey but so useful for my family!) I use the sack and it allows Marleigh to feel free and have her hands out, but it keeps her feet tucked in with the weighted chest to feel like I she is still in my arms.



Below I put some of the few things I have found useful for you to click and shop!

Other Recommendations:

-Bottles/Bottle Brushes/ Bottle Dryer: If you are wanting to formula feed or have to go back to work or do not plan to EBF- Add these! My opinion would be to add a few different types because they can get pricey. You also aren’t sure what brand you baby will like best so putting a variety only helps you! I, personally, EBF so bottles aren’t needed. However, I did have to take medicine and had to give her a bottle and it was nice that someone had given me one to have in the house.

-White Noise Machines

-Mattress/Crib Sheets: You will most likely at one point put your little one in the crib. There are times they will either use the restroom or spit up and it gets dirty. It is nice to have extra sheets on hand that you can immediately put on the crib while you clean the others

-Mommy products for after labor: PJ’s, Creams, supplies for you (I am going to go more in depth with this in a future post- Keep a look out for this soon!)

-Baby Walker/ Baby Bouncer/Play Mat- So many options – fine one appealing to you!

-Humidifier- This helps if the baby has a stuffy nose! We have been using it with Marleigh because we were gifted it. Again, we could live without it.

-Clothes- You cannot go wrong with footie pajamas and onesies! Also, put different sizes because they are only in newborn clothes for so long! Clothes are something that you can also use second hand that are in good condition!

-Baby Bath Tub- She outgrew our sink but I personally loved using the sink! We did use to hold her in the tub, but having a baby tub was just easier so she didn’t fall or slip. It was also easier on me rather than reaching over the tub.

-Lotions- ­We love our night time lavender lotion and body washes! Little purchases like these are great gifts and if you have a brand you want, go ahead and put it on your list. Especially if you want to use organic products, they are a little extra! Adding them to your list will help those shopping for you know what brands you are wanting.

-Boppy- Many people use this to help with feeding, but I never used mine. I was gifted one and I just recently started using to help her with sitting up.


-Baby Laundry Detergent

-Car Mirror- So you can always keep an eye on your babes in the car when they are rear facing! (Stay safe on the roads though and don’t stare at them for too long HAHA!)

-Any room décor you might want- I wanted baskets for my room so I included those on my lists.

-Books, Books, Books!

-Baby Blanket- This wasn’t on my registry but someone bought it for me and Marleigh loves to have it!

-Car seat accessories and rattles: Little toys for the baby to look at! Marleigh didn’t actually start using any of this until recently, but you can go ahead and add it! If you have the storage, you can keep it until they start looking at objects.

-Baby Towel! – I like to buy the baby towels that they can wrap in! One time we forgot to clean it so we used a regular towel and it works just fine, but the baby towel is not only adorable, but it just wraps them up to keep the warm and covers their head!

-Nose Frida – I LOVE THIS! It is so helpful when your baby has a stuffed nose! I would recommend this product!

-Owlet- I don’t use one but many people love it! My friend’s baby was in the NICU due to immediate heart surgery and she used this for peace of mind when they brought the little one home. It definitely serves its purpose if you are given one! However, I have not used it personally – so I am including it in the add to the list but not a necessity. Now, if you do have a health concern for baby, I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

Reminder . . . .

There are so many things you can add onto your list. Every child is different but I have found these items to be common amongst many of my mama friends! I did not ask for things for when Marleigh was older because we live in a small house and will be moving so I don’t have anywhere to store it. I will either use the leftover giftcards and purchase at a later date! If you have the storage, you could consider putting on baby gates, baby proofing materials, high chairs, teethers, etc.


Where to register?

Target is nice to register at because once the baby is born, if you have any extra items, they will give you a discount. They also give you a welcome baby package at the beginning with some testers.


Babylist: MY FAVORITE. I used this online list and it was so convenient. You can add stuff onto your list from anyone website with the click of the button in your toolbox. You can be on Target, Walmart, BuyBuyBaby, Baby Boutiques, ANY WEBSITE and add the product to your wish list. They also designate a day for you to get 10% off select items that have not been purchased. You create an account and it gives you a link to send to family and friends to have access. They can reserve and purchase items directly. This was very convenient for me because we had our baby shower in FL, but many of our friends shipped the items directly to our house through Babylist so we didn’t have to load up all the gifts and travel with them back to California.


Tip: Add  pricey stuff and wish list items on your registry. You will be surprised what family members and loved ones will gift you for the baby. Glen and I were blessed when our car seat, video monitor, and other items were purchased for us! It helped us save so much and not go over our budget.