Baby Nursery On A Budget

My Dream Nursery Without Breaking the Bank


When you find out you are pregnant, there are so many things that go through your mind. What gender do you think you are going to have, what name should I pick, which outfit should I buy first, and lastly how should I decorate the nursery?! This is a big project to take on and one of the most exciting!

I spent countless hours on Pinterest looking at all the different designs for my little girl's room. I knew I did not want to put pink throughout the room but I wanted something girly yet homey. I stepped out of comfort home and looked at Boho Nurseries! I came across a blog on Pinterest of a woman who decorated her nursery with many second hand items! Her nursery was a dream to me and I knew in that one saved pin that it was the nursery I wanted in my home! However, when you recently quit your job and become a one income household, the nursery kind of becomes a nightmare. You start looking at a budget and add up the crib, the changing table, the lamps and décor - all of this on top of the necessities for the baby. However, I kept going back to that one blog and decided if she could do it on a budget then so could I. I would find similar items or even the same ones on second-hand sites and build my nursery. I prayed that I would be able to do this and not feel like I shorted myself the experience of the dream nursery.

Ya'll, I did it and thank the good Lord my nursery is everything I ever wanted and my total budget was $343.00! Now this budget is my furniture and most décor. Some of the décor was given to me by friends and family at my baby shower and many of the books were given to me by different outlets as well. I am going to break down it all for you in hopes that this may inspire you to also create your dream nursery on a budget! It is doable and totally 100% worth it!

 I used Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, and Craiglist! It is very hit or miss because it is whatever is being sold in the area, but you can always check thrift stores, giveaways, rotary clubs (military families), garage sales, and goodwill. The only item I bought that needed to be refurbished was my Dresser! When we first got it on the marketplace, it was pink, blue, yellow and wooden! It literally was a sight for sore eyes! My husband could not believe that I wanted to buy it! Let me tell you- an all wooden dresser for 20 dollars is a steal! I quickly snatched it up and made my plan! I bought Valspar Clivedon Forest paint from Lowes and new golden knobs for 6$! The transformation is still one that I am obsessed over! I can't say it was my best piece because I was slightly impatient and wanted it done at 8 months pregnant, but I still love it all e the same. I also made sure to buy bundles! The crib came with the mattress, so I could add on a mattress topper and a sheet to make it new! The frame was still in great condition!

I also had great friends that helped along the way! If I can give any advice - do not always turn down handouts. Before the idea of nursery on a budget came into my mind, the thought of using something someone already had used grossed me out. I know that is awful - but I did not want my baby using something that wasn't new and clean. If you can get rid of this mindset, you will SAVE. My rug came from a dear friend of mine for free! My second dresser was given from the church to me and the bookshelf was passed down from my sister! All of this wonderful furniture came together for free! You can find it out there if you truly look!

My best purchase was my glider. Gliders can range from $900-2000. I bought a nice, clean, comfy glider for $30. A lady and her husband had it but never used it for their little boy! She said her parents bought it for her but she always fed her son in the living room. I looked at the glider, tested it out, and knew it was the one. Before you buy anything secondhand, test it out. Look at the quality, examine the content, and try it! You do not have to buy it- do not feel obligated. If you go see it and you do not like it, just kindly decline and say it wasn't what you had in mind! That is okay! But, if you find something like the glider I found - take it!!

Some things you just cant find! They may be out there but if you are impatient or just not in the right area then it can be difficult. Some décor I found on the marketplace and garage sales, but others I had to go to Michaels or Instagram blogs! My big sign was on a sale by Smallwood Signs for 50%. (The link is down below) I bought a lot of décor from Michaels on different trips and used the 40% off coupon each time. Always look for sales, never buy full priced unless you have too! You can also look on Amazon for some amazing deals and fast shipping!

I also need to say Thank you to my devoted husband! He was such a saving grace with all driving to pick up the items, putting the furniture together, drilling all the holes in the wall, being my second eye, and the endless foot rubs! I am so thankful for him and love knowing we built this room together for our little Mar!

Jeana Hughes

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