Our Little Miracle


A few months ago, I was waiting at the pharmacy to have a perscription filled when I opened up my cycle tracker and noticed I was one day late. I had 15 minutes to spare so I figured what the heck and took a pregnancy test in Walgreens on a Friday night. My husband was in a different city for a training mission, and I was actually preparing to visit the next day, (which is why I was trying to get medicine for my head cold!) As I was waiting in the bathroom, waiting for the results, not thinking I had any chance of being pregnant, I saw the pink line. I blinked a few times because I was in shock. My husband and I had just discussed possibly trying for a little one, but you never expect to see the pink line. I called both of my sisters immediately, crying in Walgreens as I paced the aisles looking for orange juice to try to take another test while stocking up on some prenatals just in case it was not a dream and I was ACTUALLY seeing a positive test. I had a feeling it was all true, in 9 months a sweet little blessing would be joining our lives! 

In these first few months, I have been trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are about to have a family. We are so incredibly excited for our little blessing, but we are also a little scared, anxious, nervous, worried.. I think you get it. We are just overcome with so many different emotions. Every pregnancy is different, I have learned that. I have done my fair share of Google searches and pregnancy blog scoping, (whose with me??!). However, I think some things are universal in all pregnancies and I thought I would share on how I am coping and what I'm doing to prepare.


There are so many emotions when it comes to getting pregnant. You are so excited, then you get nervous, then you get scared, then you start crying, and the next minute you are laughing and incredibly happy again. I mean come on body, GET IT TOGETHER, but this is normal. I have learned in the hundreds of Google searches and talking to other mamma's and mamma's to be that all the emotions do not make you crazy, it makes you normal. Don't feel bad about being emotional. I think it is best to communicate all these emotional changes with your spouse. Glen has been the glue holding me together through the flux of emotions that seem to come in waves.


You guys... the cravings!!! I am a little bit of a food freak and I take into consideration all the Do's and Don'ts, but the best advice I can give is eat and drink what you feel comfortable with. If you can completely knock out caffeine, why not do it. But if you really want that small soda or that small coffee, I have read countless blogs and people do it all the time. Same with eating, eat what you think is right. There are so many taboo's about what you can and cannot eat, just talk with your doctor. I have had friends who lived in Japan and ate sushi their entire pregnancy. I have craved a deli sandwich and finally caved. Sometimes the hot dogs look good and I just can't say no. Eat healthy, but when you have a craving, don't feel bad if you give in every once in awhile. Ice cream, cheeseburgers, deli sandwhiches... I need them all! 

Morning Sickness

Oh - the best part of finding out your pregnant. Hence, the thick sarcasm in this statement. One day you are happy and enjoying life, the next second you can't stand the smell of your favorite restaurant, the bathroom is your new favorite hang out spot, and you can't eat. Luckily for me it only lasted 3 weeks-, but it was a long three weeks. I went to Trader Joes and bought Ginger mints and they really helped! I also made sure to eat like two crackers immediately after I woke up and that seemed to keep my nausea at bay. Hang in there, it will get better at some point.


One nice thing about pregnancy is all the naps! I am in the second trimester so my energy levels at rising each day, but in the beginning, I was in bed by 6:30! I would come home from work, make dinner, and then find myself asleep shortly after. Your body is performing so many miracles that you are tired. Don't fight it, enjoy this time that you can sleep. I have. 


I was a nervous wreck to exercise when I found out. I wanted to be fit and make sure I was healthy for the baby, but I was scared I would overdo it and then hurt her. If you work out a lot prior to pregnancy, they say continue to do so with some modifications! Of course, I am not a licensed doctor so always talk with them. In my experience though, I would go for long walks with our golden retriever, light arm weights, squats, and very simple exercises to stay flexible and work on toning. Do what makes you feel comfortable! Your body is changing and adapting to the new life!

Nursery Prep

This is my favorite part about pregnancy! I have had so much fund budgeting for my nursery. I know many people like to go to the store and get everything new, but I have learned that I have collected some very nice and well made items for so cheap on Offer Up and Craigslist. I recently found a blogger on Pinterest that completely designed her nursery with all secondhand items. It was inspiring, so I am trying to do this myself, and it has been such a fun project. I am hunting for new items on the retail sites, repurposing them, and getting our little safe haven complete! (I will definitely be writing a post strictly on Nursery prep with everything I did when it is all done!) If you can do it, I promise you won't regret it. It has been such a fun beginning step in getting our home ready for our little Marleigh. 

Honestly, there is so much more I could write about pregnancy. I am only halfway into this pregnancy (22 weeks!), but it has already been such a journey - The growing baby bump, the shortness of breath going up the stairs, the clothing dilemmas, etc. It is all so amazing! My best piece of advice is to stay positive the entire pregnancy and enjoy every moment. The first half of this pregnancy has flown by and I can't believe in 4 1/2 short months, I will officially be holding my sweet little one in my arms! As much as I can't wait, I am just trying to enjoy each and every day with her little kicks and perfect heartbeat. I can't wait for you all to meet Marleigh James Hughes! Mamma's and mamma's to be, what were some of your experiences?? 

xoxo - Jeana 

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