It's Time to Relax

Stressed out, overwhelmed?! I figured you might be since you made your way to this post.  I know I find myself with a list of things to do and I seem to add more to the list before I can even cross off half of it, and now I see countdowns to the holidays and I feel myself panic! How did this year pass by so quickly?!


It is my favorite time of the year but I also know that with the holidays comes a pretty packed schedule. I decided to share a few ways I de-stress and unwind when I start feeling overwhelmed. 


This is not a new concept but I was recently finding any excuse not to get a workout in during the day. I was too busy, too tired, traveling. Anyone else find themselves falling into this vicious cycle? I decided enough was enough and started running again. Running is my favorite form of cardio. I always seem to get my head screwed on straight after a run. Even my husband will know the days I have missed a workout because I am more easily agitated or moody. Pick a workout that suites you and keep at it. I have so much more energy and feel more relaxed after my run. 

Me Time

It is so important for me to set aside some “me time.” When I am at work, or around people I always feel the need to be “on.” The time I set aside for myself allows me to disconnect and just turn off. Personally, my favorite way to enjoy me time is in the morning with a cup of coffee either reading a book, watching a movie, or catching up on my favorite Netflix show. I usually set aside me time on Saturday or Sunday mornings. My husband likes to catch up on sleep on the weekends, and I’m always up early, so it works out perfectly. There is a peacefulness to the morning, and I enjoy that little slice of tranquility.


No Technology

I’m always on my phone or computer for work or blogging and it can get a bit exhausting. It sometimes even affects my sleep because my brain will never shut off. I have tried extremely hard to disconnect from technology from time to time. Maybe I’ll put my phone in another room or keep it in my purse, so that I will not be tempted to get on it. I find that the more I am away from technology the more I can feel myself begin to unwind. Do not get me wrong, I struggle with this but I do feel so much better when I detach from the web.

Engage in Your Interests

Do you love cooking, sports, going for a hike, shopping, or trying a new restaurant?! If it brings you joy then make time for it. On Saturday’s I love to visit the Green Market in our area. It is fun just to walk around and see all the goodies from all the vendors, grab a cup of coffee from a local barista, or pick up some flowers for our home. It is a morning activity that is enjoyable and puts me in a good mood. I find myself relaxing when I’m out there doing what I love. PS: if you live in West Palm Beach, I highly recommend checking out the green market in downtown on Saturday mornings! 


I still like to write down my to-do list in my planner, so I won't forget any tasks. I will put a number next to the tasks on my list. Number 1 is the most important and so on. There are some tasks that are on my list but are not urgent, so If I do not get them that's ok because it was not as important as number 1. I can just add it to my list tomorrow. Prioritizing keeps me organized and the more organized I am the less stressed out I feel. 


I hope you go into this holiday season feeling a little less stressed because it really is the greatest time of the year! I'm adding make a pumpkin roll to my to-do list as we speak but if I don't get to it, that's ok! Share with us some ways you unwind! 

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Post Written By: Jenna McVie