The Perfect Camel Skirt

Hello, crisp “cooler” weather! It is such an amazing relief to the heat, so my family and I have been taking advantage of sweater weather and spending our time outdoors. Florida’s weather is pretty inconsistent, so we try and get our fill of cool air when we can. So, that means a trip to our favorite meadow by my parent’s house. It is located on a conservation park, so there are a few trails and meadows to spend the morning taking a walk around the grounds. It also happens to be a peaceful start to morning.

We decided to shoot this monochromatic camel look while we were out at the meadow. It is a staple shade for the fall, so when I eyed this affordable H&M A-line skirt, I knew it belonged in my closet. There is something timeless about an all camel/neutral outfit. I am always inspired by an affordable piece that looks like you just dropped a few $$.

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