Game Day | 8.30.16

College football season means dressing up in my favorite game day outfits and eating tons and TONS of tailgate food [and then some.] This weekend my husband and I will be heading to Orlando for FSU's season opener and we are so excited! When I say we, I really mean my husband. He has been counting down the days until he spends his Saturdays cheering on our favorite team!

I follow a few tips when it comes to buying an outfit for game day. Mostly, it has to be comfortable. Game day consists of all day tailgating and then hours of cheering in the stands. If it is not comfortable, it is going to be a longggg day. This Francesa's cotton swing dress is perfect for an all day outing especially if the climate is warm, [like Florida]. It is light, airy, and comfortable. You can shop the exact dress HERE.

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Post Written by Jenna