Ole Henriksen's Balance Skin Care Collection

A few weeks ago we received the Ole Henriksen's balance skin care collection complimentary to try out through Influenster. I was excited to test it out because I have used Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum Collagen Booster prior to this collection and loved it. I've been using the three step system for a few weeks now and wanted to give you guys my thoughts thus far.

The collection is supposed to refine and reduce the look of pores and remove excess oil without stripping the skin. I am very oily and have large pores in my t-zone, so you can see why I was so excited to try it out. The three step system comes with the following products: Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, and the Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator. You can use this moisturizer both AM/PM, however I only use it in the morning. I use Mario Badescu's chamomile night cream in the evening. See our post on our favorite Mario Badescu products HERE.

First, you guys this collection smells amazing!! I close my eyes and it smells like I'm in a spa. It has a eucalyptus scent and leaves your face feeling cool and refreshed. So far, I definitely see a difference in the amount of oil in my t-zone throughout the day. My t-zone is less oily but not at the expense of my face becoming extremely dry, so I really like this aspect. I have yet to see a difference in my pores from the previous products I was using but I am only a few weeks in. I plan on doing another post when I am completely finished with the product in the next few weeks.

I also like that my face feels clean and has not caused any irritation to my skin. Scented products tend to cause my skin to break out so, I get a little nervous starting a new skin care routine. Especially, as it gets used to the new products. As of now, the skin system has kept my skin clear, so that is a major plus for me!

Has anyone else used this system and have any thoughts on it? We would love to hear what you guys think about these products.


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XoXo, WinsomelyChic

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Jenna McVie